Southpaw 2015


Southpaw (2015) สังเวียนเดือด

Southpaw 2015

Southpaw Billy “The Great” Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), is a professional boxer who competes in Light Heavyweight with an Orthodox posture, with having a record of 42W0L-0D, and is a resident of New York City together with Maureen McAdams, and their single daughter Leila (Oona Lawrence). Maureen is scared when Billy hurts her face against Cedric D. Jones (Cedric Jones) at Madison Square Garden. This results in massive bleeding from his eye. Despite suffering serious injury, Billy wins the match through knockout. He is still the holder of the title of lightweight heavyweight.

As the media focuses on Billy, Miguel “Magic”, a young upstart boxer ( Miguel Gomez) is threatening him to take on the slugger. Maureen is concerned about Billy’s safety once the boxer returns home, and urges Billy to give up. Then, Maureen speaks to Jordan Mains ( 50 Cent) the manager of Billy. She is not happy with Mains’ plans to have Billy accepted to sign a two-year deal for three more fights.

Billy and Maureen attend a fundraising ball, at which Billy gives a speech to thank Maureen as well as Leila and Jordan and his fellow guests. Miguel is also there and, just as Billy is getting ready to leave, Miguel insults Maureen, declaring that he’ll take his titles away from him. This causes an argument. Hector’s brother Miguel shoots and Billy is able to hear it. Maureen is dead. Hector runs away, but Maureen remains alive in Billy’s arms.

Billy begins to use alcohol and other substances. Jordan proposes to Billy that he sell his home to ease his financial problems. Jordan book Billy to fight Kalil Tiray. Billy is so badly injured that his opponent decides to give up. In the dark, a result of headshots, Billy is able to accidentally hit the ref in the face. Billy is suspended for one year , with no income, and is liable to the referee as well as the networks for damages. The home and possessions of Billy are taken and taken away. Jordan as well as Eli Frost, his long-time trainer, leave him to be replaced by Miguel.

A few nights ago, Billy drove his car into a tree near his home. Leila finds out the fact that Billy is bleeding to the ground and dials 911. Leila Rivera, Naomie Hari is the Child Protective Services Officer who awakes Billy awake lying on the ground. Billy is forced to go to the Wills Gym and meet Tick Wills ( Forest Whitaker) who is a former boxer who has lost vision in one eye after the last bout he fought. Tick is determined to assist Billy get back to his feet. But, Tick is aware of his addiction to drugs and refuses to help him train. Tick offers Billy an opportunity to work as an Janitor.

Angela and Billy meet to visit Leila. Leila is accusing him of having issues and refuses Leila to see him. Billy is hired as a an janitor in the gym. He meets the boy who is known as Hoppy ( Skylanbrooks) who is also a boxer as a worker in the gym. Tick discovers from Hoppy that his father was abusive to his mother. He decides to do something about it within his own life and makes visits to Leila. The persistence of his is what will win him over. Jordan is a guest at Billy after winning an event for charity. Miguel the champion of Kalil Turay, is the manager of his. Jordan is eager to set up an event between them in the next six weeks, as Jordan is aware that Billy will not have time to train. Tick believes that Billy is just seeking revenge.

Tick tells Billy that Hoppy was killed in the process of trying to save his mother from his father who killed him. Tick regrets that he was unable to save Hoppy and proposes to assist Billy prepare for the fight. The judge grants Billy custody of Leila after being impressed by his efforts to transform his life. Leila moves in with him. Billy goes to Maureen’s grave and informs Leila that he’ll fight for her again. He also gives Leila the wish of her to stay with him.

Angela is the one who takes Leila to her dressing room during the night of the fight. They then go to the TV to watch the fight. Miguel wins his first fight. Round after round, the two fighters engage in a frenzied fight. Miguel is then scolds Maureen and results in Billy to lose focus. Billy is unable to control his temper, and almost ends the argument. Tick to warn Billy to not allow Miguel influence his temper. In the last round, Billy is able to control his anger and takes the fight over Miguel. In the final minutes of the round Billy stops Miguel’s jab and lands a shot on his face. Then, he turns south and throws Miguel to the floor with a ferocious uppercut. Miguel is able to stand up in the closing second and both corners are taken by the two staffs of both teams.

Billy is named the new champion despite an unanimity decision that gives Miguel his first chance to win. After a short pause, Billy falls down and expresses gratitude to Maureen before officially entrusting his life to Leila. Tick and his teammates place his shoulders while he shuts his eyes and smiles. Leila and Billy are seen together in the locker room following the battle. They hugged for the first times since Maureen’s death. Leila tells Billy that Maureen would be proud of her and she tells him she loves him.